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A Summer Recap of VBP Blog

A look back at all our blogs from the past few months


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We hope you are enjoying the end of summer; it seems the crisp fall air is right around the corner. This summer we wrote 8 enticing blogs with ties to Value-Based Payments (VBP). Our blogs always take an advocate’s approach, thinking of what is best for consumers and not just the bottom line for states. Since we all take vacations or sometimes miss a blog, we thought we would do a quick synopsis of these 8 blogs as a review before Fall hits.

June 7th – We took a look at the success of Tennessee’s CHOICES program. As of April 2021, 52.7% of LTSS members are receiving facility-based services and 46.7% are in-home and community-based services. This was a huge increase from the 84%/16% split before the program. Specifically, on the MLTSS community, Tennessee launched the Quality Improvement in Long Term Services and Supports (QuiLTSS) to build a more competent workforce and take a whole-person approach. Read the whole blog here.

June 16th – This success story broke our normal mold for blogs. As the nation continues to struggle with the recruitment of workers, Tennessee committed to $38.9 million in pay increases for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) along with two-thirds federal matches putting another $400 on average in workers’ pockets. See how Tennessee was so successful and what they did to get there by reading the blog here.

July 6th – Wisconsin’s Family Care program is thought of as one of the most thoughtfully designed programs in the country for MLTSS. Their unique structure uses regional non-profit MCO’s that managed the MLTSS contracts. Their slow, deliberate roll-out has made them incredibly successful. Check out the breakdown of their whole program here.

July 14th – The newly launched NC Medicaid Managed Care Program launched in July intending to create a whole-person care system. The goal, like many value-based programs, is the improve quality while reducing costs. Consumers have their care managed by their Primary Care Physician (PCP) working in collaboration with the MCO’s. Read more about North Carolina’s history and details about its new program on the full blog.

July 22nd  – Arkansas’s provider-led program, known as PASSE, consists of entities that must contain 51% provider ownership. This ensures a true whole-person care approach is being taken and is an incredible example of how VBP can be utilized. For a full assessment of the pros and the kinks, see the whole blog here.

July 27th – The American Disabilities Act celebrated 31 years in July, and we wrote a blog about it! We take a look at the historical act as well as the disproportionate effects the disabled were up against that became glaring when COVID-19 hit. This was the result of three factors; increased risk of poor outcomes from the disease reduced access to health care and rehabilitation and adverse social impacts of efforts to mitigate the pandemic. Take a look at the whole blog here.

August 3rd – Delaware has found a lot of success with its Diamond State Health Plan Plus (DSHP PLUS) program and is continually expanding on that effort. A recent report takes a look at a three-way partnership that focuses on improving the quality of care and reducing costs using streamlined services. Check out the history of Delaware’s program as well as plans in the full blog.

August 16th – We launched a brand-new blog series about the transformative shift to home-based care. We will take a deep look at the shifting policy landscape, the increased need for innovation to deliver quality home-based health care services, and how patient outcomes can improve to increase the community’s knowledge of the growing trend. Take a look at the overview blog here.

Now you can consider yourself caught up! Here at XtraGlobex we pride ourselves on letting the data do the talking and always considering the consumer first. If you’d like to learn more about XtraGlobex or the TheVBPBlog, you can always reach out to us.


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