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home health care trends

Study Shows Hospital-at-Home Care Gains Popularity Among Americans

Over Half of US Adults Endorse Home-Based Hospital Care as Effective and Safe

home health care trends

July 10, 2024  – A growing number of Americans are expressing confidence in the hospital-at-home care model. According to recent survey results published by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), nearly half of respondents found hospital-at-home not only acceptable but also effective and safe for managing health conditions at home.

The study, spearheaded by researchers from the University of Southern California, explored public opinion on the hospital-at-home model, which gained momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Acute Hospital Care at Home waiver. This initiative was introduced in November 2020 to alleviate hospital strain by permitting certain Medicare conditions to be managed at home. To date, 331 hospitals across 37 states have participated in the program.

From August to October 2023, the survey polled 1,233 U.S. adults from the Understanding America Study to gauge perceptions of hospital-at-home care concerning its acceptability, effectiveness, safety, and convenience. Participants indicated their readiness to embrace hospital-level care at home and their willingness to perform various caregiving tasks.

Results revealed that 47.2% of respondents accepted the idea of receiving hospital-level care at home. Moreover, 55.8% believed that recovery at home could be faster than in a hospital setting, while 58.8% felt safe with at-home treatment. Comfort levels were also high, with 49% preferring home treatment over hospital stays.

The survey also examined respondents’ capacity to handle caregiving tasks associated with hospital-at-home care. A significant majority felt confident about managing medications (82.2%) and monitoring medical equipment (73.3%). However, more complex tasks like changing intravenous bags and feeding tubes were deemed manageable by 56% and 41% of respondents, respectively.

Given these findings, researchers advocate for the continuation and expansion of the hospital-at-home model, suggesting that the temporary CMS waiver be made permanent to foster broader adoption of this care model.

The hospital-at-home approach aligns with shifting patient preferences for more personalized and convenient healthcare options. This shift is supported by another survey conducted by remote patient monitoring technology developer Vivalink, which found that a substantial portion of U.S. adults over 40 are open to participating in hospital-at-home programs, with many citing the convenience, reduced infection risk, and trust in remote monitoring technology as key motivators.

As healthcare continues to evolve, these studies underscore a significant shift towards more flexible and patient-centered care models, suggesting that hospital-at-home programs could play a crucial role in the future landscape of healthcare.

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