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“For most of my childhood, I advocated for myself; as I grew up and became politicized, I saw the world through a larger lens.” 

– Alice Wong, founder of the Disability Visibility Project

Value Based Payment is a concept by which purchasers of health care and payers hold the health care delivery system accountable for both quality and cost of care. Value Based Payment models are a complex topic that cover different segments. Click one of the topics below to view detailed presentations! 

If you are looking to learn more about Value Based Payments, the presentations listed below cover various topics and VBP trends. If that doesn’t help, contact XtraGlobex to leverage our insights and experience. 

General Info

What is Value Based Payments?

Wondering about Value Based Purchasing? Well you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and enjoy this high-level overview of the concept.

Value Based Payments Crash Course

Epstein Becker Green Webinar with Attorney Helaine Fingold: Value Based Payments Crash Course Webinar Series, presented May 3, 2016. 

VBP Payment Models

Case for Bundled Payments

Remedy makes a case for bundled payments in the VBP arena.

VNA of America: Bundled Payments

Discover how bundled payments are structured, providers are paid, and what conditions are typically included.


Learn which policies and industry trends from the Obama administration likely will and won’t change under President Trump, and what it will ultimately mean for healthcare providers?

Some recent policy changes & industry shifts have provided expanded opportunities for the Aging Network to engage in  contracting opportunities.

Behavioral Health

As a part of its movement toward value-based purchasing, the Capital Area Behavioral Health Collaborative (CABHC) kicked off an outcomes-driven, case-rate program in July 2018. 

Covers History of Family Care, Employment First Initiative, DHS 2019 Employment Pay-for-Performance, MCO Collective Impact Approach for P4P and Inclusa P4P Status.

Physical Health

Covers the multiprong approach to leveraging partnerships and payment to drive quality and manage cost for Enhanced Respiratory Care. 

Overview of the technical support provided and lessons learned regarding value-based payment (VBP) for home and community-based services (HCBS), and the VBP for HCBS Roadmap.


Covers the Scope of Medicaid Managed Care, Type of Plans, Managed Care Authorities, Managed Long-Term Services and Supports and more.

From wages to employment statistics, across states and nationwide, find the latest data on the direct care workforce.


There is lack of clarity about what is required for a provider to successfully implement a process and culture of collecting, analyzing, acting on and reporting outcome data.

Provides an overview of Medicaid Redesign in NY, an Introduction to Advanced Care Alliance in NY, Introduction to MediSked, Results from Year 1, Lessons Learned and Next Steps.


Value-based payment trends continue to affect the operations of human service agencies. Developments during the past year make it even more important for an organization to be prepared.

From the Administration for Community Living, learn the roles of state entities in conflict/risk management of SHIPs, as well as how to utilize technology and develop networks.

For Providers

New York State: Value Based Payment for Providers

This video highlights how Value Based Payment will reshape our health care system and the important role providers play within VBP.

Learn how Voices for Independence documented its effective Nursing Home Transition process.