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Wisconsin’s Deliberate MLTSS Approach Means Success

Wisconsin’s long-tenured Family Care MLTSS Program continues to find success with major goals including increased ability to keep consumers at home, lowered costs and reduced inefficiencies. They continue to raise the bar for national MLTSS programs.

Tennessee’s Strong MLTSS Program

Tennessee has built a strong structure for their Medicaid-managed long-term services and supports community with a program they launched in 2010 called CHOICES. Their program has been revered for its flexibility, high quality, and consumer-first approach.

Iowa’s Health Link Drops the Ball

Iowa’s IA Health Link launch left both providers and consumers frustrated by putting their budget before the quality of care. We analyze the missteps they took after setting unrealistic timelines for the work that needed to be done. Their MLTSS program continues to serve as a learning tool for other state’s roll outs.

doctor using a marker to draw a heart beat wave growth trends

Value-Based Payments Growth Trends…. Are You Ready?

Value-Based Payments Growth Trends…Are You Ready? THE VBP Blog We are exploring value-based growth trends this week. Current data shows Medicaid managed care programs using value-based payments programs have experienced steady growth over the past few years, 67% of Medicaid’s 74 million consumers are enrolled in some type of health plan and 55% of Medicaid budgets are going to health plan payments. Of all Medicaid MCO respondents, 93% utilized a value-based purchasing (VBP) or alternative payment model (APM), according to a survey done in 2020 by Medicaid Innovation. That is an increase of 14% since 2017.  The survey covered 2019 data taken from Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs), and the trend continues Enrollment Growth Trends Enrollment also continues to climb,… Read More »Value-Based Payments Growth Trends…. Are You Ready?