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Nebraska Interviewing RFP Respondents for New Managed Care Contracts

DHHS interviewing five companies that bid on managed care contracts

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September 21, 2022The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is currently going through the process of selecting companies to provide Medicaid managed care services throughout the state. 

The DHHS posted a Request for Applications (RFA) and five companies bid on the managed care contracts. These five companies that submitted bids are: 

  • Community Care Plan of Nebraska, Inc. d/b/a Healthy Blue
  • Medica Community Health Plan
  • Molina Healthcare of Nebraska, Inc.
  • Nebraska Total Care, Inc.
  • UnitedHealth Care of the Midlands, Inc.

Submitted applications included information on how they will cover a variety of health care services, including integrated physical and behavioral health. In this round, managed care companies will also be required to cover dental services and pharmacy services. 

In order to choose the best candidates, DHHS is conducting interviews with the bidders. Originally, DHHS had planned to award contracts in late August but requested additional time to sift through the applications. These interviews will allow DHHS to ask questions of the bidders and receive clarification on any items from their applications. Throughout the interview process, DHHS aims to determine which companies are best suited to provide health care services to Nebraskans eligible for Medicaid. 

“Throughout the RFP process, our goal has been to do this right, even if it takes some time,” Medicaid Director Kevin Bagley said. “I’d like to thank each of the five companies that responded for their great bids. We know stakeholders are eager to learn who will be chosen for the next managed care contracts, and we appreciate their patience as we meet with the bidders to ensure the right plans are trusted with the care for our Medicaid beneficiaries.”

The Nebraska DHHS will award contracts to up to three of the five bidders. Winning bidders are expected to be announced by Friday, September 23, 2022. 

To view the entire press release from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, click here

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