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Value based Payments

Value Based Payments… What does it really mean?

Break Through Value Based Payments Value Based Payments…What does it really mean? THE VBP Blog The adoption of value-based care is expected to account for 59% of all healthcare payments by 2020. Read that again. Now one more time. Let’s break down how we got here. We are proud to include an advocate’s perspective as part of this blog… Read On. Traditionally, payment for health services has run on a model called fee-for service (FFS). This simple model means that physicians and healthcare providers delivered in units. This has little to do with results or outcomes of those services. In 2017, the estimated cost of care for an insured family of four reached nearly $27,000 considering health insurance, payroll deductions, and out of pocket… Read More »Value Based Payments… What does it really mean?

Value Based Payments

Break Through Value Based Payments

Break Through Value Based Payments A 10-Part Series of Blogs Focusing on VBP Blog 1: An Introduction and Path Onward Value Based Payments (VBPs) are coming: are you ready? We are launching a series of blogs diving into this hot topic to help you understand what it is, why it works, and how it can work for you. We will pepper each blog with relevant facts and finish each with a specific example from one of our clients. Each blog should expand your knowledge of VBPs, as well as set you up for success within your own company. What you can expect over the course of the VBP blog series: What are VBPs? How did we get here? This blog will… Read More »Break Through Value Based Payments