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Is Telehealth the TSA of COVID-19?

Break Through Value-Based Payments Is Telehealth the TSA of COVID-19? THE VBP Blog For those of you who know me personally, you know that being an optimist is my downfall. In times of crisis, the ability to look forward to the forthcoming changes can be challenging.  Mandy, my co-author brings her creativity and technology-savvy perspective to our discussions. Together, we look ahead to the elements we want learn from.  Our starting point for this blog was the major change that came out of 9/11.  We jointly concluded that technology changed significantly because of that crisis. We also saw the TSA in our airports as one of the manifestations of the change.  So, could telehealth be the TSA of the COVID-19… Read More »Is Telehealth the TSA of COVID-19?