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Pay-for-Performance – Developing and Expanding Opportunities

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Pay-for-Performance Developing and Expanding Opportunities THE VBP Blog We are circling back to cover pay-for-performance, the second stop on the value-based payment continuum. The pay-for-performance (P4P) model gives providers bonuses for hitting quality and efficiency targets. As we continue to focus on whole-person care, the new normal of hybrid payments continues to shift.   According to Health Care Payment Learning & Action Network (LAN), in 2018, 25% of all fee-for-service… Read More »Pay-for-Performance – Developing and Expanding Opportunities

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Exploring Bundled Payments

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Exploring Bundled Payments THE VBP Blog When we started the VBP Blog back in 2018, we broke down the building blocks in the continuum for Value-Based Payments. In the last blog, we revisited Alternative Payments and what had changed since our original analysis. In this one, we will be covering Bundled Payments and what they mean to Value-Based Payments. Bundled Payments Refresher As a refresher, bundled payments – also known… Read More »Exploring Bundled Payments