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VBP Risk Capitation Pros and Cons

Break Through Value Based Payments Part 10: Risk Capitation Pros and Cons THE VBP Blog Welcome back to THE VBP Blog Series. Continuing our drill-down into risk-sharing in Value Based Payments, in today’s blog we look at the capitation model. As the ever-challenging task of lowering healthcare costs continues to come to the forefront, organizations may look to capitation, which requires that providers take on the full financial risk for the care of their consumers.   Do keep reading! It’s already shown success in California, where the state’s Regional Health Care Cost & Quality Atlas reveals the capitated-integrated model delivers on all the major VBP scores:  9% lower total cost of care, 14 points higher in quality, and $4,450 less in total cost of care… Read More »VBP Risk Capitation Pros and Cons