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Medical Associations Team Up to Launch Value-Based Care Playbook

AHIP, AMA, and NAACOS Launch Comprehensive Guide to Elevate Value-Based Health Sol

Aug 8, 2023In a unified move to bolster the healthcare landscape, AHIP, the American Medical Association, and the National Association of ACOs have teamed up to launch a playbook to guide stakeholders in the arena of value-based care.

This playbook is designed to assist insurers, doctors, medical institutions, and other entities involved in value-based care. The guide, dubbed “The Future of Sustainable Value-Based Payment: Voluntary Best Practices to Advance Data Sharing” provides best practices to design and implement value-based payment arrangements in the future. 

The guide emphasizes the creation of a robust data ecosystem that promotes the sharing of comprehensive data. Additionally, the guide underscores the significance of enhancing data gathering to promote health equality, furnishing prompt and precise data, and ensuring that insights are easily accessible to all.

In a recent webinar, Danielle Lloyd from AHIP posed a crucial question: “How do we scale value-based care and payment arrangements?” Her answer? “This playbook from our expectations is that it’s essentially a cheat sheet to advance participation more quickly and make it more effective at improving quality, equity of care, affordability of care and patient experience.”

A strategic roadmap towards advancing value-based care schemes was the primary focus of these three national associations. To achieve this, they fostered an advisory group, set up a managing committee, reviewed literature, and sought the expertise of specialists in the field. Their consortium features representatives from national and regional health plans, varied physician practices, and accountable care organizations (ACOs).

“This is not a product produced in the ivory tower,” said AMA President Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, M.D., in a statement. “Working together, they came up with a plan to improve patient care going forward. That teamwork, often seen in the clinical setting, proved invaluable in this setting as well.”

The playbook also sheds light on the challenges encountered by value-based care entities, such as data protection concerns, the need for standardization, diverse infrastructures, the high costs involved, and compliance with Federal Health Information Technology standards.

The group won’t stop here either in their goal to help design and implement value-based payment arrangements. Another playbook is in the works regarding payment methodology. The is to be released at a future date.

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