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Kansas Selects Three Managed Care Organizations for KanCare Services

Kansas DHE Announces MCOs to Enhance Medicaid Services Starting 2025

May 22, 2024  – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has officially announced the selection of three managed care organizations (MCOs) to administer the state’s Medicaid program, KanCare, effective from January 1, 2025, through December 31, 2027. The decision comes after a detailed selection process, and with hopes to boost the program that currently supports 458,000 Kansans.

Following a Request for Proposal (RFP) process initiated in October 2023, KDHE has chosen to continue partnerships with two incumbent providers, Sunflower Health Plan, a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, and United Healthcare Community Plan. They also welcome a new provider, Healthy Blue, into the fold. This strategic selection is part of KDHE’s ongoing efforts to enhance the reach and efficacy of Medicaid services across the state.

KDHE Secretary Janet Stanek expressed gratitude towards all participants in the RFP process, emphasizing the collaborative effort behind the scenes. “This was a major team effort, with a constant focus and alignment on achieving our vision for KanCare ‘Partnering together to support Medicaid members in achieving health, wellness and independence for a healthier Kansas,’” Stanek said. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with the MCOs.”

The selected MCOs were chosen from a pool of seven contenders and KDHE integrated community and provider feedback into the KanCare program enhancements. Key improvements cited in the new contracts as stated in the official press release include

  • “Educating, engaging, incentivizing and empowering members to achieve personally defined health goals.”
  • “Enhancing care coordination to ensure timely access to needed services, continuity of care, successful care transitions and improved member outcomes.”
  • “Improving prenatal and postpartum care, including requirements for maternity care coordination.”
  • “Increasing the recruitment and retention of providers.”
  • “Expanding access to services in rural and frontier areas.”

KDADS Secretary Laura Howard noted the valuable contributions from community feedback to the RFP’s development. “I would like to especially thank all of the members, providers, advocacy organizations and associations who provided feedback on ways to improve the KanCare program before the RFP was written,” Howard said. “That feedback was invaluable and is reflected in many of the key enhancements we incorporated into the RFP.”

The selection process involved a thorough review by multiple teams with deep knowledge and experience in the Kansas Medicaid system. Input from a broad range of stakeholders, including plan members, providers, legislators, and community-based organizations, was instrumental in shaping the RFP requirements.

For current KanCare members, no immediate action is required. Members enrolled with the MCO not selected in the new lineup will be contacted with information on how to transition to one of the newly appointed providers.

For more details on the transition and future plans for KanCare, interested parties are encouraged to visit the KDHE website by clicking here. The evaluation results and finalized contracts will also be accessible on the Kansas Department of Administration’s website shortly, providing full transparency of the selection process and contract specifics.

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