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Humana Launches New At-Home Primary Care Program

Humana’s CenterWell Pioneers Home-Based Care with New 'Primary Care Anywhere' Program

Sept 6, 2023 – Humana’s CenterWell Senior Primary Care, is launching a fresh chapter in healthcare and jumping into home-based primary care. Humana announced this week that their CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere would begin offering at-home primary care services to consumers in select Georgia and Louisiana locations. 

This innovative venture by CenterWell, the senior-focused healthcare division under Humana, covers a broad spectrum – from pharmacy services to home health amenities. The launch of CenterWell Home Health can be traced back to Humana’s strategic acquisition of Kindred at Home, a major player in the nation’s home health sector.

This pivot toward in-home primary care is in alignment with Humana’s vision of championing home-centric and value-driven healthcare solutions.

“We know that improving health outcomes goes beyond traditional clinical settings,” said Dr. Vivek Garg, CenterWell’s Senior Primary Care Chief Medical Officer. “When we meet patients where they are, we build better connections and can tailor their care to address environmental factors that impact their health. Primary Care Anywhere brings the comprehensive, whole-person care we provide in our centers to patients at home. They can expect the same integrated care teams who keep them at the center of everything we do.”

Currently, CenterWell Senior Primary Care provides healthcare services to over 272,000 seniors, spanning more than 250 centers in 12 states. It envisions expanding its reach by adding 30-50 new centers annually until 2025.

The genesis of the Primary Care Anywhere program can be linked to Humana’s strategic acquisition of the home-based primary care provider, Heal, earlier this year. Notably, Humana had injected a $100 million investment into Heal back in 2020.

This program assures that a dedicated clinical team will deliver routine primary care services, mirroring those typically provided at standard doctor’s facilities. This encompasses a wide range, from blood tests, immunizations to prescription oversight. The program will accept beneficiaries from diverse Medicare Advantage plans as well as those enrolled in conventional Medicare.

Dr. Andrew Agwunobi, at the helm of Humana’s home solutions portfolio, exuberantly stated that, ” “One of the areas we’re very excited interested in is primary care at home. We just announced this morning CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere. We’re starting off in Georgia and Louisiana, and we’re very excited about that [model].”

There are also indications that CenterWell is gearing up to roll out its primary care at home model on a much larger scale across the entire country. 

“Our integrated care model is unique,” said CenterWell Senior Primary Care Reneé Buckingham. “Our multi-disciplinary team approach allows our clinicians to spend more time with our patients to address their acute, chronic and social determinant needs – both in our centers and in patients’ homes. I am excited to announce the launch of CenterWell Primary Care Anywhere, and we will continue to drive health care transformation in a way that enhances the doctor/patient experience for seniors.”

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