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value-based payments

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Value in Health Care Act of 2023 Could Push VBP Further

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Federal lawmakers introduced the Value in Health Care Act of 2023 and a number of physician and medical groups quickly announced their endorsements for the Act that would incentivize greater participation in value-based health programs.


Medicaid Rx Drugs Shifting Away from FFS

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: The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has spent 4 years advancing value-based care across all programs. They also sought to remove barriers to value-based payments for drug pricing.

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Alternative Payments Making a Splash

Alternative Payments Making a Splash​ Examining the ever-changing Value-Based Payments landscape​ THE VBP Blog Value-Based Payments are a complex topic that is evolving very quickly. Back when we first started this blog in 2018, we began at the very beginning. We feel it’s important to double back on those foundational pieces of VBP as it continues to change. With that in mind, we are starting with Alternative Payment Models. This will be a two-part blog, starting with the national pieces and then working to a regional level. Fee-For-Service Models Traditionally, payment for health services has run on a model called fee-for service (FFS). This simple model means that physicians and healthcare providers delivered in units. This has little to do… Read More »Alternative Payments Making a Splash