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Pay for Performance – An Opportunity for Self-Direction in HCBS

Break Through Value-Based Payments Pay for Performance – An Opportunity for Self-Direction in HCBS THE VBP Blog Roughly a year ago we did a blog on Payment for Performance that took a look at the second step in the Value-Based Continuum. Pay for Performance (P4P) is the model that sets metrics to incentivize providers to achieve, advance, and exceed through their quality of care. We talked about the pros – sustainable metrics can lead to higher quality care – and the cons – lower social-economic status areas will have inevitable bad outcomes and thus receive less funding. The P4P model is undoubtedly the longest standing and fastest growing[2] above its counterparts in shared savings, bundling, and shared risk models.  In… Read More »Pay for Performance – An Opportunity for Self-Direction in HCBS

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VBP Payment for Performance

Break Through Value Based Payments Payment for Performance THE VBP Blog We have received very positive response to this series and we continue to see the path of Value Based Payments as a progression, a journey from knowing what you do, how you do it and how well you do it, to capitalizing on the quality of what you share in the value of what you are delivering.  Our Advocate’s Perspective is at the end of this blog… Make sure to check it out! The second step in the Value Based Continuum is Payment for Performance (P4P). Payment for performance takes the fee-for-service model and nudges it towards a value-based model. This is done by having metrics set and providers achieving, advancing, or exceeding… Read More »VBP Payment for Performance