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Local Engagement in IDD Managed Care with AZ and MI

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Local Engagement in IDD Managed Care in Arizona and Michigan THE VBP Blog [5/26/2020] – As promised, this blog will examine the last 4 states that offer I/DD managed care programs to their consumers. This week, we take a look at Arizona and Michigan. Arizona built a completely different structure than we have seen before with a state-run Division of Developmental Disabilities as the managing entity. Michigan’s managed care program… Read More »Local Engagement in IDD Managed Care with AZ and MI

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Onward Means Consumer Protections

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Onward Means Consumer Protections THE VBP Blog Over the last few decades, advocates and regulators have worked tirelessly to build in significant protections in the way services are delivered. We’ve been fighting for things such as independent living in the community, smaller group homes, privacy in each room, and community integration. In the current COVID-19 crisis, we see many of these regulations being waived, in the name of emergency flexibility… Read More »Onward Means Consumer Protections