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Oklahoma Reissues Medicaid Managed Care RFP After OK Supreme Court Blocked First Attempt

OK reissued an RFP to implement to Medicaid managed care program called SoonerSelect and the SoonerSelect Children’s Specialty Program

December 7, 2022On December 1, 2022, the state of Oklahoma reissued a request for proposal (RFP) to implement Medicaid managed care for the SoonerSelect and SoonerSelect Children’s Specialty Program. Proposals from interested organizations are due February 8, 2023, and contract implementation is set for October 1, 2023. The awarded contracts are expected to run through June 30, 2024, and will be followed by five, one-year options. 

Oklahoma intends to award contracts to at least three entities, including provide organization-led entities and managed care organizations (MCOs). The contractors selected will be responsible for providing integrated care, including medical, behavioral, and pharmacy coverage. Members under the new SoonerSelect program must receive the same health care services currently offered by SoonerCare, the state’s current Medicaid program. 

Currently, Oklahoma does not have a fully capitated, risk-based Medicaid managed care program. The state’s 1.3 million beneficiaries are enrolled in SoonerCare Choice, which is a Primary Care Case Management program. Originally, the state released an RFP for SoonerSelect MCOs on October 15, 2020. Awards to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Complete Health, Humana Healthy Horizons, and UnitedHealthcare were announced in January 2021 and scheduled to go live in October 2021. However, the contracts were cancelled in June 2021 after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the procurement was invalid as the OHCA did not have authority to award the contracts until May 27, 2021. 

The submitted proposals for the reissued RFP will be evaluated on 13 topics listed below with the accompanying points. The maximum score possible is 1,550 points.

For more information about the RFP, you can contact Richard Williams, Procurement Contact Point at the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services. He can be reached via telephone at 405-522-1040 or via email at

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