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Infrastructure and Analytics Necessary for Growth of Telehealth

Twenty states are eligible to receive CMS funding for their state-based exchanges

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June 24, 2021 – According to a new McKinsey report, telehealth use has increased 38x from the baseline levels reported before the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the consumers surveyed, 40% said that they would continue to use telehealth as opposed to in-person visits for regular appointments. Consumer and provider attitudes toward telehealth have improved over the last year, but some major hurdles still need to be addressed to continue this trend.

Telehealth Infrastructure Investments

In order to properly meet the demand and improve the accuracy of telehealth investments in infrastructure and support are required.  Innovations to virtual longitudinal care (both primary and specialty), improvements to care at home through remote patient monitoring and self-diagnostics, new ventures in “digital front doors,” and trials with hybrid “online/offline” models will bring new care models for consumers. Payers and providers can fully realize the potential of these virtually enabled care models as part the day-to-day consumer care by increasing convenience and access to a wider set of patients.

Additional Challenges

As Telehealth grows, and these innovations are implemented, there will still be challenges to overcome including better data integration into overall health analytics, the need for better workflows for clinicians between in-person and virtual care delivery, and incentives for virtual care activities that promote a movement towards broader value-based care.

Read the full McKinsey report.

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